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Shopping in "Street Market" ala Mazee

Senin, 03 Oktober 2011

Malls that provide the fashion of teenagers may have mushroomed in Jakarta. But there is only one mall in Jakarta that provides a place for young people, explore their personal style, using fashion collections in the country. Fashion store at fX Lifestyle Mazee X'nter Jakarta became the first shopping with unique and dynamic concept, representing the distinctive character of this teenagers.

Like teenagers, Mazee always comes up with fresh ideas and new innovations. December 2011 later, Mazee adds uniqueness. Fashion store concept that involves young Indonesian designers, with a collection that is not typical of the market remains a mainstay. However Mazee has a new shopping concept by opening 20 outlets in Mazee Street.

"The concept of Mazee Street is like a bazaar. Later, there are two areas in Mazee, shops and street markets. The plan will be opening in December. Mazee also be moved from the sixth floor to the third floor in the fX . On the third floor will be gathered throughout the retail fashion. fX The third floor is a ladies floor, because 90 percent of its products are the needs of women, "said Herlina Hutasoit Widjaja, President Director of PT Cipta Persada Gilang, owner of the fashion market Mazee, told Reuters during a media briefing Female Munchies café, Mazee, fX Jakarta, Thursday (09/29/2011).

Although adopting the concept of the bazaar, Mazee on the third floor is a permanent store, said Herlina. Because Mazee and all fashion shops in fX later based in this area.

Mazee with this new concept also will reach more young designers. You will find a variety of unique fashion collection of young people qualified, native-made Indonesia here later.

"90 percent of its local products are more than ever that only 70 percent. Only 10 percent of goods imported from China, Thailand, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Korea. Although imported products, retailers it all Indonesian people," said Herlina experienced as a buyer and retailers for 18 years.

According to Herlina, the younger generation should be given opportunities to develop. Through Mazee, Herlina attempt to realize it. Currently there are 69 retailers who join the Mazee with about 79 brands are made by designers aged 20-30.

Mazee fashion store concept which was launched in July 2010 it also managed to attract a buyer from among the young. Not only that, the retailer of Bali, Palembang, Malaysia, and Singapore also interested in adopting similar concepts.

Herlina explained, later he will apply the concept of franchising Mazee to other interested retailers. Even so, the main requirement to be met, that the local product Indonesian designer gets a larger share in the franchise stores.

"Regarding the franchise, I will explore the opportunities. Right now I want to focus reinforces the concept of stores and street markets in Mazee Jakarta. In addition also hold a buyer's week to bring together retailers from home and abroad. With so local products could be lifted," said Herlina.

With the new concept Mazee, more young people have much choice, style with a collection of local fashion, quality, and cheaper prices.

"People getting fed up with the same brand, and want to find a different. Local products can meet the fashion needs at a price that is cheaper, but not cheap, and has a typical," said Herlina, adding the change in location from the sixth floor to the third floor later will not change the concept that blends fashion stores with cafes, as a youth hangout.

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