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Different State is Different Taste of Accessories

Senin, 17 Oktober 2011

Collection of clothing and accessories are always adjusting to the seasons and climate. Each new collection of designers who launched the world usually refers to the climate, especially a country that has four seasons.

Usually fashion collection is divided into a collection of autumn and winter or spring and summer collection. Accessories such as necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings are options to adjust the season, especially with regard to choice of colors. In addition to climate effect, selection of accessories as well depending on your taste and design motifs which are different in each continent.

Businessman and craftsman accessories from Thailand share his experience to Kompass Female. Varieties of accessories are made in Thailand since the past 2-4 years, mostly marketed outside of Thailand. Accessory products from Thailand are exported to Europe, America, and Asia, including countries in Southeast Asia.

Thailand has a character similar to Indonesia included in the design of accessories. Artisans and exporters from Thailand, Komkrit Kosiyashtit or familiarly called Mac produce your own necklaces, bracelets, and earrings from the stones, pearls and metals. At first glance much like accessory collections from Borneo-rich rocks and has a bright color.

"My main markets are Spain and Japan," said Mac in the booth accessories exhibition of Thailand products, Central Park Mall Jakarta, Saturday (15/10/2011) then.

According to Mac, Japanese women like small accessories. While the Europeans like accessories such as necklaces and medium-sized modern style, simple, minimalist. Another with women in Southeast Asia, they liked the large ethnic style necklace for example.

While the matter of color choices, Mac said that colors is depending on the season, let alone more homemade products marketed to Europe. If the winter it is more like dark colors. While the summer, it is bright colors in demand, calling up the Mac accessory collection homemade De Frost.

Accessories De Frost that most of the rock material was produced with the involvement of housewives in Thailand. If you visit Thailand, you can go to JJ Mall is located 200 meters from the popular shopping destinations in Bangkok, Chatuchar Market. Prices start around 312 baht or USD 90,000 for earrings and rings.

In Indonesia, a collection of accessories from the rocks like these are also mostly found in Borneo. In the market garden vegetables, Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, for example. You can hunt various models and types of accessories in this famous accessory shopping destination. The price is affordable, from Rp 10,000.

If you love unique and different accessories, Ribbon Ceramic Jewelry from Thailand could be an option. Accessories of the ceramic are made by hand painting. So, despite the same motif, guaranteed nothing accessories that really look like.

Athasit Buranahet, Chief Marketing Officer Pita said each country has different preferences and tastes accessories. Asian countries prefer flower and animal motifs on the painted on a necklace and earrings made of ceramic tape. While countries in Europe, preferred accessory tiles painted with graphic motifs.

"People in Asia, including Indonesia, like the bright colors. While Europeans prefer necklaces and earrings gray, black and white," clearly stating Athasit Ribbon accessories can be found at Chiang Mai airport with prices starting at 138 baht, or about Rp 40,000.

Accessories of this hand-painted ceramics, 85 percent are exported to Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, America, France, Italy, Malaysia, India and China. A total of four painters were employed to produce designs and motifs created by Napat as the main designer. In one day, could produce 50-60 Ribbon accessories.

For those of you who want to do business accessory, the experience of Thailand could be a reference. For fans accessory, select where the tastes of Europe or Asia? Or you've collected various types of accessories in the home.

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