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We often Watery Eyes? Should not be underestimated

Kamis, 23 Desember 2010

We often Watery Eyes? Should not be underestimated

Watery eyes are not a serious problem, but if it happens repeatedly will surely make a person become irritated and may inhibit its activity.

The eyes produce tears to keep the humidity as well as overcome the irritation. Watery eyes occur when too much tear production or the tear ducts do not work properly.

Why continue watery eyes?

The main role of tears is to keep the eye moist and clean the eye of any foreign object into the eye. Watery eye condition that can affect anyone, including infants who are small and can occur in one eye only or both.

Reason why our eyes can be watery, among others:

- Exposure to allergens such as dust.
- Swollen glands (blepharitis) around the eyelashes.
- Obstruction of tear ducts.
- Infection of the membranes around the eye crease.
- The state of abnormal eye crease.
- Eye irritation due to rubbing.
- Eyelashes growing inside.
- Excessive pressure in the eye, laugh or yawn

Do not be rubbed his eyes if the eyes are watery

When eyes feel watery appears intent to rub it. And, almost everyone has done, which will result in the eyes red and stinging. Did that rubbed his eyes can weaken muscles in the eye?

Not surprisingly, after rubbing against the eye, the eye becomes red and sore. Could be it due to preoccupation rubbed his eyes. And, what if it is rubbed his hands dirty?

"Rubbed his eyes, yoga with the head down, sleeping with her face against the pillow or swim a variety of activities that could lead to increased eye pressure.

When touching the eyes, the eyelids will experience increased pressure. Light the lamp that is too glaring less pressure than rubbed his eyes vigorously that could put pressure 3 to 5 times greater than normal pressure.

In the case of rubbed his eyes, there was a combination effect of closing the eyes and rubbed his eyes the power that could increase the pressure even higher. Rubbed vigorously can increase the pressure up to 10 times higher than normal pressure!

"The pressure that normally would give a little consequence, but strong pressure on the eye in a long time and recur over and over can contribute to the damage to the eye such as glaucoma, more quickly affected by nearsightedness, or conical cornea can also cause blindness," said Professor Charles McMonnies.

Avoiding eye contact with a pillow or sleep mask may also help reduce pressure on the eye is sensitive. When rubbed his eyes also can weaken the levator muscle that serves palpebra eyelid lift, so if rubbed his eyes will make eyes look smaller or like a sleepy eye.

Normal eye pressure occurs when closing the eyes, blinking and breathing in will not provide consequences for the given pressure is very small and not in a long time.

For that you should avoid some activities as follows:

  • Sleep with downcast faces and contacts with a pillow, because the pillows could have been there fleas or dust that can create eye irritations.
  • Rubbed his eyes, because it can make eye irritation, dry and make the eyes sore.
  • Get down can increase the pressure, so we suggest if you read in a sitting position.

Wiping tears is the best activity by removing from the tip of the eyes and minimize contact with the eyelids. And, use eye drops if it feels itchy and sore.

Avoid rubbed his eyes as much as possible! If it feels itchy, use tissue and wipe gently to avoid excessive contact. The most prudent step if the eye feels sore, check with your eye doctor

Symptoms of watery eyes that accompany the conditions are

-Blurred vision,
-Irritation of the eyelids,
-Like bump on the corner of the eye,
-Redness in the eyes and sometimes accompanied by itching.

Watery eye problems often develop if a person has dry eye syndrome. Because if dry eye, the eye reflex will produce more tears. In addition, watery eyes can also be caused by a problem with water flow system of the eye.

Normal tears will flow under the eyelids and down through the nose. But if this flow system is hampered by anything, will cause water to accumulate so that the eyes hold eyes watery.

However, watery eyes can also be caused by problems in the eyelids due to infection by dust, smoke, chemicals or other allergens.

Examinations should be done are

• Eye-analyze water samples to find out there is infection or not,
• Schirmer-test to measure tear production and
• Test to find out there are obstacles in the flow of tears or not.

The treatment is given to the condition of watery eyes

• If the cause watery eyes due to dry eye syndrome, it can be treated with eye drops alone.
• Meanwhile, if the results of infection are given treatment in the form of eye drops and antibiotics.

But if the cause is a disruption in water flow system of the eye, the treatment given was to do surgery to open the blockage that exists. This procedure usually use local anesthesia and only takes 20-30 minutes.

If it happens on an ongoing basis can certainly interfere with activity. Should be treated immediately, especially if caused by disease or certain conditions that need improvement

Prevention Symptoms Associated With Watery Eyes

The best way to prevent the symptoms associated with eye watery is to avoid the causes of allergies, causes irritation and the germs that cause the symptoms. This should be done whenever possible. Other suggestions to prevent the symptoms associated with the eye include:

  • Frequently wash hands to reduce the allergy and infectious contamination. The germs and causes allergies can easily be transferred from fingers to the eye.
  • Do not rub the eyes, because this will only irritate them and aggravate the condition.
  • se sunglasses outdoors to protect the spies of the causes of allergies and other causes irritation.
  • Use as a replacement glasses lenses during allergy season.
  • ash your sheets as often as possible and pillowcases in hot water and detergent to reduce the causes of allergies. Avoid products from animal hairs if there are allergic to it.
  • Avoid wearing eye makeup. For those who choose to continue to use makeup, do not ever share (use together) product with others.

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