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Here are 10 Disease Due to Stress!

Rabu, 08 Desember 2010

Stress is the mental tension which exceeds the usual conditions. Within a reasonable level, stress is useful to make us more alert and concentrate. However, the constant stress can be dangerous. Many diseases are caused by stress, such as ulcer disease, allergic reactions, headaches, etc.. When you experience the following symptoms, use of stress management techniques to free your mind:
1. Headache weekend

Decrease stress levels suddenly can cause migraines. Therefore, it is suggested that sleep patterns, your diet has not changed much over the weekend.

2. Menstrual cramps

Women who experience stress are twice as likely exposed to painful menstrual cramps. Mild exercise and recreation can reduce attacks.

3. Jaw pain

This pain can occur when you unknowingly pitted your jaws while sleeping. Using protective gear during sleep can overcome this problem.

4. Strange dream

Dreams are usually a positive thing because you will feel better after waking up. However, when you stress you often wake up from sleep so that the process is disjointed. Nightmares or scary can happen between them. You can reduce this risk by good sleeping habits and do not drink coffee before bed.

5. Bleeding gums

People who are stressed more at risk of bleeding gums. The release of many stress hormones called cortisol weakens the immune system so easy to attack bacteria gum. Keep your teeth clean while brushing your teeth regularly and correctly, even when you're stressed.

6. Pimple

Stress create hormonal imbalances that trigger acne. You need to keep your skin clean to prevent secondary infection so that the acne is not inflamed.

7. Avid eat sweet

Stress can make people love eating sweets. Be careful if you have diabetes.

8. Itchy Skin

People who stress two times more likely to experience itching on exposed skin and dermatitis, eczema or psoriasis worse.

9. Severe Allergies

Stress hormones trigger the production of IgE, a protein that causes allergic reactions.

10. Stomach ache

Anxiety and stress can cause stomach aches, headaches and back and can cause insomnia. The increase in stress hormones can trigger ulcer disease.

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