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All About Fart

Rabu, 02 Februari 2011

Definition fart 

Fart, medical language is flatus. Flatus is a gas or air in the gastrointestinal tract is removed through the anus. Gas can be found in the stomach, small intestine, or colon. Most gas in the stomach will be issued through belching. The amount of gas entering or established in the large intestine every day an average of 7 to 10 liters. Imagine a lot right? While the average amount of gas released is usually only about 0.6 liters. Rest is absorbed through the intestinal mucosa. 
Where did the origin of fart? 
So it fart We Can be derived from:
  1. From the air we swallow. When you eat there tuh participating air swallowed with food. Especially if you eat in a hurry, you will usually burp, right?
  2. The gas diffuses from the blood into the gastrointestinal tract. This usually occurs in the small intestine. In the small intestine is usually only a small amount of gas, and many of these air runs from the stomach into the small intestine. In addition, carbon dioxide in sufficient quantities are also often arise because of the reaction between the acidic gastric fluid and bicarbonate in pancreatic juice, which sometimes release more quickly than carbon dioxide is absorbed.
  3. The gas formed as a result of bacterial fermentation. In the colon, the bulk of gas is formed from the work of bacteria. Carbohydrates and other foods that are not absorbed in the small intestine, would fermented by bacteria and canker there.

Why do farts stink? 

Farts stink because they contain hydrogen sulfide, which includes a sulfur thing produced by intestinal bacteria. The more sulfur in the diet, the more fart smells. 

Why did you fart sound? 

If the noise problem, the physics know better. The sound is generated from a vibrating object. The sound can be heard by the human ear if the frequency 20-20000 Hz. 

Well now, why fart sound? As the gas coming out of the large intestine (ekspulsif), abdominal muscles (stomach) and spincter ani External (outside the anus muscle) to contract. This contraction makes intra-abdominal pressure increases, so will push air out. Because we are a small anal holes 1 and narrow, so when the air rapidly through the anus, will cause a vibration, like when you blow the trumpet, and vibration (vibration) which creates a distinctive sound, ie fart sounds.

Well this is a food that affect your fart







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