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Summer Breeze, Hair Inspiration Order

Rabu, 14 September 2011

Three inspiring style hairdo, ranging from braids to welcome the ponytail until this summer.

Low and Sleek Ponytail
Ponytail hair style was never cracked by time has always been a trend in each season, and this summer with a stylish low ponytail or under an option

How to Make:
Give a little gel or texturizing spray to give the impression of wet or greasy hair on the front. Pull the front hair back and tie the base of the hair, perfected with a cord or pin studded stones.

Sleek braids
Braid style always gives the impression of feminine and simple. This season braid straight into the right option for you that many do a lot of outdoor activities without complicated with a messy hair.

Pull the hair to the back, use gel or spray to smooth down the hair after up to the nape braid hair to the ends of your hair, do not give emphasis while braiding the hair, because it will damage the hair a little let it float.

Messy Curly Hair
Curly hair style with a touch of random effects provides a new spirit and taste fresher in your appearance this summer.

Create a messy curly hair style with curly hair iron on the entire section up to the top of the ear after that apply a gel or leave conditioner to give the impression of volume and look more natural.

In order to Stay Healthy Hair under the Sun:
  • Always use shampoo and conditioner with UV content and high heat protection, because the levels of mercury in the air during the summer increase more than the rainy season.
  • During the summer, try to cut off the ends of your hair into a salon for once a week, this will prevent hair from the ends of the fork.
  • Treat your hair with a hair mask to avoid greasy or dandruff, because a lot of sun exposure.
  • For home treatment before shampooing apply aloe vera to all parts of the hair, then wrap in a towel that has been soaked in warm water and let stand for 15 minutes then rinse.

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