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Know The Type of Shirt Collar

Rabu, 07 September 2011

There is a saying in English, "Clothes make the man." In fact, this expression is true. Clothes that we wear is something that shows who we are, our place or position, until the level of seriousness and our loyalty.

Many men are familiar using the shirt as dress design mainstay for formal events, such as going to the office. Model of working men dress shirt with buttons down the front of the barrage would be very slick and harmoniously combined with a tie. However, you must be careful. Not all shirts can be paired with a tie, all depending on the model you wear a shirt collar.

Shirt in my opinion has an important role in menswear. A symbol of simplicity that can contain immense wealth. Materials, textures, cuts and colors could be the coffers of the wealth of a shirt. Shirts contain various organs of the body that can make a shirt is not just "a" shirt, sleeves, cuffs, collar and body parts.

Selecting the type of collar, must be adapted to many things, starting from face shape to shape events would you attend. Because by using the shirt will feel our appearance is very neat and formal.

Lerical, Detachable, Gladstone, Jabbot, Middy, Maganrin, Poet, Vandyke even Wing was some kind of journey that has made history shirts and many more.

But at least, there are at least four types of collars that you should know before buying a shirt.

Turndown collars

Turndown collars collar is a collar with a piece of you already know. With a sharp piece facing downwards, the collar is divided into two classes, Point Collar and cutaway / Spread Collar.

Point Collar

This collar is very well known as a basic collar, a fashion men's shirts. The collar is so boldly carved extreme sharpness of the tip down and bring the two ends are closely adjacent the top section.

Cutaway / Spread Collar

This collar can be said to be second most popular after Point Collar, with not much different with a point collar, the collar is also tapered at the bottom, the strain of the right and left collar body more visible area and width, until the piece is perfect for you who look thin , or want to show you what kind of bond that ties you to use.

Button Down collars

Return to repeat the success of Point collars, this collar is confirmed kurtosis with the buttons on the pointed part, with the presence of buttons on this part is very reinforce your appearance

Pin and Tab collars

This collar is re-shaped and tapering, it's just that distinguishes Pin collars is the presence of small holes on each side of the collar or to provide a pin or identity that is attached to the collar. While the tab collars, connecting both sides of the collar is present, the "hook and loop closure"

Wing collars

Wing collar is like to float and not touch the shirt body, tapered shape with a sharp size, shirt collar tuxedo is a loyal partner.

Note the color and motif Shirts

In addition to attention to the model's shirt collar, you should pay attention to colors and patterns will you wear that shirt. If you liked the shirt stripes, note that the stripes on the sleeves you should meet with the lines on the layer behind the shoulder.

In the meantime, if you are happy with the plaid shirt, it's good plaid look is not interrupted by the connection on the shoulder, arm, and on the right side and left-shirts.

Choose colors that calm and unobtrusive if you wear a suit. To suit, choose a color that is not too in tune with the shirt or choose a slightly contrasting color so do not look dead. It should be noted also when wearing a suit, choose a shirt with collar 2cm higher than lapel.

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