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What's In Our Brains

Kamis, 03 Maret 2011

It may sound surprising, but there is one organism that can dwell in the brain and causes rapid death of the victim. This organism called Naegleria amoeba flowleri, and found throughout the world. These organisms often appeared in the warm, stagnant bodies of fresh water, such as lakes, rivers, hot springs, and pools are not given the chlorine. This amoeba can not enter simply by drinking or across the water; new infections occur when water rose to his nose. This amoeba enters the body through the nose, usually when the person is swimming underwater or diving. From the nose, the amoeba is spread to the nerve fibers, through the skull, and into the brain. Naegleria is like the warmth of the brain and will multiply until one day, usually within three to seven days, the victim was killed.
There are about 200 recorded cases of Naegleria infection throughout the world in the last 40 years. The children considered most at risk because their immune systems are weaker. However, although these infections are rare, if you decide to swim in fresh water is warm, Do not Forget To Use Clamps Nose!

About Naegleria fowleri

Naegleria fowleri (pronunciation / nə'ɡlɪə. ɹiə /) (also called "brain-eating amoeba") is the protists that live in warm fresh water, with a temperature of 25-35 degrees Celsius. This amoeba into Percolozoa group or Heterolobosea.

N. fowleri can invade the human nervous system, although it rarely appears, the infection almost always causes the death of the victim.

From 1964 more than 60 cases of death in people because this parasitic infection that caused the disease "meningoencephalitis" (inflammation of the lining of the brain). This incident was reported from countries Czech, Slovak, United States, Africa, New Zealand and Australia. Naegleria fowleria in isolation from these deaths. Ameba was killing animals in a laboratory experiment at the time of injected intra nasal, intra-venous and intracerebral. These organisms do not form cyste or flagella in host body and vakuolanya contain cell debris (cell debris) from the host.

Almost all cases of meningoencephalitis is very closely related to the swimming pool or lake. It is very possible trophoszoit enter through the nose dive when people in the water. Cases have been reported indicate that infection occurs when Muslims perform ablutions with 5 X daily nasal washing occurred in Muslim farmers in Nigeria. After entry into the nose trophozoit then migrate along the nerve of this amoeba olfactorius through the slab and into the cranium Cribiform. Death is caused by damage to brain tissue rapidly and only several patients were rescued.  

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