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Kamis, 24 Maret 2011

Have you always planning of could you repeat that? Fit the iris color of a person? It is real with the intention of the melanin (the pigment controlled in the iris) with the intention of determines the color of the iris itself. But how melanin can fit the color of the iris are visible? Inside addition, here are a variety of insignia the creature eye and this color is inherited, alias can be derived. How can the color of the iris is derived?

We think it over initially how the arrangement of slices from front to back. That higher than is the front layer and the underside is a layer behind the iris.

How sort out the characteristics of all color of the iris?

If here is a ration of melanin pigment on the front layer of the iris, the iris looks brown to black. If the pigment is a little, at that time could you repeat that? Appears is the shadow of the then layer of the blue or bleak. If the pigment does not exist by all, at that time the color you think it over is red, according to the color of the iris blood vessel lining.
How is the color of the iris is derived? (science detected):

Eye color is governed by two kinds of alleles. The initially is a gene allele bey1 (EYCL2) and bey2 (EYCL3), which has a genotype with the intention of is B (brown iris) and b (blue iris). Allele is located on DNA 15 long string (15q11-15). While the following allele is the gene gey2 (EYCL1). There are two kinds of genes are furthermore of this allele, namely G and g. Allele is located on DNA 19 fleeting chains (19p13.1-13:11). New G gene face in dominant form.

The link of genes G and B genes clash by kodominasi isoaglutinogen on blood assemble determination. If thumbs down gene G (in other terms with the intention of here are single g), at that time the gene will be converted into motionless and the spot of genes in the genetic symbol is replaced by gene b. Means pro the G allele genotype (haploid), here are three kinds of combinations, namely GG, GB, and bb. While the B genes (haploid) as usual, here are three combinations furthermore are bit, Bb, and bb. This earnings here are 3 x 3 aka nine kinds of combinations of genotypes with the intention of could be on the fetus, namely:

BBGG. Brunette phenotype.
BbGG. Brunette phenotype.
BBGb. Brunette phenotype.
BbGb. Brunette phenotype.
BBBB. Brunette phenotype.
BBBB. Brunette phenotype.
BbGG. Green phenotype.
BbGb. Green phenotype.
BBBB. Blue phenotype.

With a combination like this, here will still be two parents with brown eyes be inflicted with a biological offspring with conservational or blue iris. But not sub- versa. Two parents with blue eyes could not be inflicted with biological offspring with brown eyes. This apparently causes the frequency of blue iris color to be dominant amongst the Caucasian. (Look by the picture higher than some time ago again. All eyes color combinations can yield a blue iris, aptly?) However, this thought does not explain the eye color outside these three types (such as the albino red, bleak, and hazel) and sort out not explain the gradations of brown on slices (from light brown, amber, to dark brown).

Equally to predict could you repeat that? Type of genotype on someone, can be traced from the eye color pattern in the family tree (parents and brothers and sisters who are blood related). For model, public with brown eye color phenotype, which has a parental eye color conservational (bbG_) and brown (B_G_), likely to be inflicted with genotype BbG_.

What is apparent, the color of the iris is fit not by single genes, but by the interaction of several genes.

Abnormalities in the iris (heterochromia):

Eye color is single-minded by the amount of melanin, a dark brown pigment, which is found in the eye, called "slices".

Blue eyes are caused by a small amount of melanin, while brown eyes showed iris with a ration of melanin content.

People with mane color and darker skin be inflicted with more melanin so with the intention of they be inflicted with brown eyes, while public with mane and skin color is more pale has a less important amount of melanin with the intention of ordinarily be inflicted with a lighter eye color.

When an party has a uncommon amount of melanin in all iris in their eyes, at that time their eyes will be inflicted with a uncommon color. This is called Heterochromia Iridium.
Heterochromia Iridium is relatively rare pro humans counting, but includes ordinary in approximately animals such as horses, cats, and approximately species of dogs.

Heterochromia Iridium allegedly as a upshot of a exchange in lone of several genes with the intention of standardize eye color.

Heterochromia Iridium can furthermore be an offspring, although shock and several types of behavior can furthermore principal to increased or decreased pigmentation in lone slice. Some types of health check syndromes, such as Waardenburg syndrome, furthermore can cause a person to be inflicted with two uncommon eye insignia.

Examples of public who be inflicted with two uncommon eye color:

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