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Tips to Change Our Mood to be Better

Selasa, 13 Juli 2010

Tips to Change Our Mood to be Better

Body Movement and Attitude Change

1. Always smile when you can not, Try to Smile. 
2. Stands head and body, do not wimp! 
3. Try Walk faster.

Change Focus

Change our focus to the things or experiences a pleasant / funny / happy / positive.Even when we do not have the experience that is fun, funny, happy Squire was able to imagine themselves. Changing the focus is important because it could have a bad mood coming because we have a bad experience or anxious about something. When it came and began to permeate itself Squire, immediately change the focus of skipper. Just Be Optimistic we are masters of ourselves. Do not want our lives controlled by us. OK?Remember, Your Map Is Not Your Territory = Love is not yours and what you think, Expand!

Change the Meaning and Perception

So, Who gave you the meaning of life? the answer is YOUR OWN.
Person A thinks he (probably) of people who are not located, His family did not get along, Enjoys teasing people, plus an imperfect physical. So what Squire think will be done by the A?So maybe he will be able to take a shortcut to acute depression and suicide.But wait a minute, the A with the condition that destroyed like that, he gives another meaning to his life."I have to try harder and to appreciate yourself so other people will respect me too."With the meaning given by the A to himself, the chances of him to come forward and moving forward will be more open. SO, WHAT MEANING OF YOUR LIFE? SELECT THE BEST, OK!

Environmental Change

If our day-to-day at the office, or Classroom lectures, try a vacation to find a different environment. Or it could also seek a new bustle, through hobbies, and join the new community.

Change Input

When we end up listening to sad songs tend to be left behind and betrayed lover's girlfriend. Likewise if'm sad.But might the reverse, we again listened to the songs and the spirit and sad movie, could we even went along with mellowww. So, Change Your music, instead of movies, TV shows, and what you read as inputmu, bad mood when the weather started to come.Set the Bon Jovi song is It's My Life, as life is full of challenges.or Limp Bizkit-My way, when you're deciding the way of life that you know it's not easyCan also Linkin Park What I've Done, when you make mistakes and you know it must learn from mistakes and change for the better. Movies and books can be much longer. So, choose the input that makes self-Squire was always happy all the time. OK!

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