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Ivan Gunawan (Indonesian Stylish) with metamorfosis

Senin, 12 Juli 2010

Ivan Gunawan (Indonesian Stylish) with metamorfosis

Ivan Gunawan (born in Jakarta, December 31, 1981, age 28 years), original name Ivan Gunawan Putra is an emcee, fashion designers, and movie player. Men who have a height 185 cm, blood has Javanese descent, Tionghoa, and the Netherlands. Who had starred in films such as Healthy 4 5 Perfect, he's also a host of infotainment in Anteve Espresso, and he has also starred in several TV soap operas religiously in some TV. Dia was a child and also the niece of fashion designer Indonesia, Adjie Notonegoro.

For metamorphosis

The Son in the Land

And Now

Ivan's fashion design

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