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Found, Genes Cause Premature Birth

Senin, 08 Februari 2010

Found, Genes Cause Premature Birth

Apparently, there is a link between DNA factors with premature infants (less than months). Scientists from the United States managed to find the difference between DNA in infants born prematurely.

Premature birth is one of the biggest factors in health and development of the child. Premature babies more likely slow in mastering a skill than a month the baby is born.

Although medical complications and infections known as the factors causing the baby was born less month, but most cases of preterm birth is still a mystery.

To find this explanation, the researchers from the U.S. National Institutes of Health conduct a study of DNA variants in 700 genes 190 women who gave birth to premature babies and birth babies. Umbilical cord bloods of their babies are also screened for variants.

Revealed that the gene variation is more often found in the mothers who gave birth to premature babies and also this baby it self. Babies who carry the gene "interleukin 6 receptor” will tend born prematurely. This gene is believed to play an important role in regulating the immune system to fight infection and inflammation.

In the event of infection, the gene will send a signal to the body to prepare you in labor. Levels of interleukin 6 gene are too high in amniotic fluid and baby's blood is thought to cause the baby is born before his time even though no infection happened.

"Our hypothesis is the mother or the fetus receives a signal for an early delivery if the environment in uteri is not comfortable. For example when there is infection in the uterus, the signals sent bodies to give birth soon have the benefit, among others, to protect the mother from infection so that he later was get pregnant again, "said Dr. Roberto Romero, chief researcher.

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