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7 Types of lubrication fluid

Kamis, 18 Februari 2010

 7 Types of lubrication fluid

As has been presented in previous articles (The Sex Assisted delicious liquid lubrication), the liquid lubricant is used to help you reduce pain during intercourse. Another advantage of using a lubricant is to enhance the enjoyment of sex.

However, you should identify the types of fluid lubrication, in order to find a liquid with the most suitable raw material for yourself.

1. Lubricant with warm effect
You may have heard that promise lubricant warm sensation when exposed. Apparently this is true. Lubricants of this type can provide sensation during intercourse, especially if used outside of the condom. But be careful, do not use too much. Just one drop of a coin. For female sex organs are more sensitive than men. Warmth can turn into heat if the liquid is too much.

2. Water based
Most of the lubrication fluid on the market based water. This type is safe for most people who have intimate organ very sensitive. However, water-based does not mean free from irritation. Therefore read the label before buying. If you are sensitive to certain ingredients, you should avoid materials that contain propylene glycol or chlorhexidine which often causes irritation in women.

3. Oil-based lubricants
Lubrication with oil-based materials is fairly good, because it is not too wet or sticky. Most doctors recommend this type of lubrication. Shortcomings, this type of lubricant can tear the condom from latex material. To prevent tearing condoms, use condoms from polyurethane materials. In addition there is also a saying that this type of lubricant suitable for men, but not for women.

4. Lubricant with the smell
Lubricant with a particular smell is usually used when the couple wanted to perform oral sex, but the woman was reluctant. There are various kinds of scents offered, usually fruit. Find out if this type of lubricant contains sugar or not. Those who have a tendency to diabetes was not able to use this type of lubricant.

5. Silicon based
The best way to use silicon-based lubricant is in the water, or in the bathroom. Silicon will be damp and not easily damaged even used in the water. Lubricants are suitable for this type of massage.

6. From natural materials
Lubricant from organic materials, natural or environmentally friendly are sold at drug stores or pharmacies are still rare. However, this type of lubricant does not have many additional chemicals or addictive substances that can make us allergic.

7. Homemade lubricant
Ever heard lubricant made from egg whites or peanut oil? Is this a safe way? Be careful with the way that might hurt or make sex organs become irritated. I have found no specific studies on the lubrication of the egg white or peanut oil. Be careful to avoid infection.

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