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Resolution 5 in the New Year's Style

Selasa, 05 Januari 2010

Resolution 5 in the New Year's Style

Having determined to start exercising, and more discipline in managing a healthy diet, this is the time you make a resolution on the style in the New Year. Fifth resolution of this style will help you to stay stylish, but also remained frugal.

Prepare the force for the weekend
Often we had a weekend to attend a particular event or activity. If you have this, it's not so nice if just wearing jeans and t-shirts worn. Not that this is not worthy, but choose clothes that make you look stylish certainly makes you more confident, too right? If you still want to wear jeans and t-shirt your favorite, try to complete with accessories rocks. Guaranteed appearance will change completely.

Create the principle: one in, one out
If you are determined to remove an item from the closet (either superior or subordinate) every time you buy something new, your wardrobe will not have dijubeli clothes out of date. Moreover, in Jakarta trends changed often so fast that if you are desperate you will be wearing outdated. With diligent "remove" old clothes, you'll think again to spend money on new clothes.

Donate your old clothes
Continuation of what you do on the points above, if you are already tired of wearing certain clothes, why not donate it to the orphanage? Or, offer to younger or old maid (even a friend!). You may not think that they were thinking, when it would be cool boss dilungsurkan to them? You can also invite some friends to hold a small bazaar or a garage sale.

Stretch your clothing
You remember when you're desperate to buy pants or jacket was cool though narrow in the body? You expect that tight pants can motivate you to slim down their bodies, so that the pair were later you can spend. Unfortunately, this motivation is often not strong. Because of that, you better take those tight clothes to the tailor, and do the reforms here and there to fit on your body. This will make you think again to repeat the same mistakes.

Trying new style
New Year should be a moment for you to change your style. If you feel you are not the type to wear leather jackets, rock necklace, boots, or even wearing a skirt, hm ... challenge yourself to start using it. You'll be surprised because the amount of attention to people about your appearance fresh.

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