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Selasa, 07 Juni 2011

Durga Tattoo with the concept of concentrating on the works of custom tattoo, creating a unique custom tattoo for every client by providing the feel of art, culture and traditions of Indonesia as a tattoo aesthetic and spiritual experience.

Tattoo Works created by Durga influenced by cultural diversity and indigenous traditions that originated from Indonesia. The diversity of cultures and beliefs Nusantara inspired it to use many visual elements, concepts and ideas derived from cultural legacies, decorative motifs and traditional gods and goddesses, characters from fairy tales or legends, various tribal motifs and decorative ornaments.

Animism and Polytheism commonly used as a term to represent the various indigenous religions in Indonesia to give effect to the works of Durga. Besides also Hinduism, Buddhism and Shamanism is affecting the works of Durga.

Durga emphasizes making tattoo works by creating a unique and individual design for each client with a modern tattoo machines and traditional tattooing continued the tradition of making original motif and Dayak Borneo Kalimantan, Mentawai, studying traditional tattoo motifs completely extinct from the region of Papua, Lesser Sunda Islands (better known as Nusa Tenggara) like Sumba, Rote Island, Flores and the surrounding area, and from Sulawesi, Nias Island and the Batak of Sumatra or also create custom Neo-Tribal motif.

Durga regularly visit and live in the interior of the island of Siberut in the Mentawai Islands and Mentawai Tattoo Revival implement the project, namely non-commercial project that was realized independently to help revive the tradition and culture of indigenous Mentawai tribe from extinction by resuming the manufacture of tattoo motifs Mentawai tradition that was almost extinct and help provide workshops tattoo directly in the interior of the Mentawai. Durga learn, work and live together with many Sikerei (Mentawai traditional elders) and people of Siberut Island countryside to explore traditional Mentawai tattoo culture, directly go to the field to continue a lot of tattoo-tattoo Sikerei and rural folk who is not yet complete, into a sipatiti (profession tattoo artist in the Mentawai) and to then introduce them into the Indonesian public as well as Internationally.

Durga Tattoo tattoo tradition supports various Dayak tribes of Borneo Kalimantan independently or in cooperation with the Dayak Youth Community in Jakarta. To deepen the traditional Dayak tattoo culture and introduce them into the Borneo Kalimantan Indonesia and the international public.

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