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Disease alert after Leg

Minggu, 31 Oktober 2010

Without realizing it, the foot is part of the body that we often 'torture'. Not only for 5 days. Almost every day invited to run, climb stairs, treading the hot asphalt, and then entered the room cool and dry. No wonder that many problems arise surrounding the foot. The most frequent complaint is fish eye in between your fingers, calluses on the soles, chapped heels, ingrown toe nail, or odor.

According to dr. Eddy Karta, SpKK, basically all these problems could arise due to the use of shoes that are not friendly with the anatomy of the foot. In addition, the use of foot care products that are less precise also can cause unwanted foot problems. No need to worry, consider the following solutions.

Fish Eye

Kalvus is a thickening of the skin caused by pressure and friction is continuously on the surface of the foot. Usually occurs after using a shoe that is too harsh and did not fit. In addition, the eyelets may also be caused by several types of bacteria. To find this further, immediately consult a doctor if your fish eye problems not go away.

  • Keep your feet clean for bacteria do not easily stick.
  • The disease can be treated with special eye drops that can be purchased at pharmacies.
  • Minor surgery can be performed by a dermatologist, when it is very disturbing.

  • Do not peel the nails by hand or scissors are not clean, because it can lead to infection.
  • Note the shoe materials; choose a material that is soft and elastic.
  • Use the shoes to fit the foot, avoid being too small.
  • When the legs begin to blush because of depressed shoe friction, wear immediately plaster to protect the skin from friction. Do not delay.

Offensive odor

The smell of sweat started on foot (no smell) is mixed with bacteria, causing odor. Actinomycetes Bacteria arise from the use of shoes with a material that prevents air exchange. Usually plastic or synthetic materials, because they cannot absorb sweat well, so the legs will be wet and damp.

  • When bathing, wash all parts of the legs down to the sidelines of a finger.
  • Do not let your feet wet for too long in the shoe. Every few hours, open shoes, and spray a special spray specifically or foot powder. This should also be done when it will use socks or shoes first

  • Use boots of natural materials and genuine leather for the feet to breathe.
  • Do not use socks for more than 24 hours. Replace a new one. Choose the cotton or wool to absorb sweat well.
  • At home, immediately soak the feet in lukewarm water that has been given a salt bath or foot soak salt for about 2 minutes. Dry with a cloth, and then apply lotion specifically for foot odor.
  • For a while, use sandals or open shoes.

Ingrown Toe Nail

Ingrown toe nail caused by poor nail growth. Direction instead of nails grows out, but punctures the skin around the delicate skin area where the nail grows, usually next to the area, causing injury. Will gradually swell due to infected feces and germs that stick to the footwear worn or dirty floor.

Soon the nail scissors which stuck. Make sure you use sterile equipment and safe. Treat the wound with a bandage. When you have an infection, immediately consult a doctor, and do not try to treat them because the infection may continue if not handled carefully.

  • Trim your nails regularly and correctly.
  • Avoid patterns sharply cut and potentially on the finger.
  • Do not cut nails.
  • Choose a place of care and safe professional pedicure.

Cracked heel

Many women do not realize happen exfoliating the outermost layer of skin on the feet caused by daily activities. Among other things, exposed to chemicals (mainly detergents) that make the skin become irritated and dry, use of footwear made from hard that torment the heel for a long time, and the emergence of fungi due to excessive moisture (from the shoe or the floor).

After the bath, rub the heel broken with a special pumice stone to rub the heel. When done regularly, a layer of dry skin will be peeled off periodically so that new skin was growing healthily.
  • Use a moisturizing soap for skin softness awake.
  • Avoid water with a temperature too hot because it will make the skin more and more heat.

  • Apply a special lotion feet and toenails area that contains vitamin E every morning and when going to sleep.
  • If necessary, try to occasionally wear socks while sleeping after rubbing lotion for dry and protected from the air conditioning.
  • Avoid wooden footwear when walking away.
  • When washing or mopping the floor, use footwear that protects the heel area.


Calloused skin is a natural response, namely the accumulation of dead skin cells on the foot, as a result of excess pressure and took place on an ongoing basis. Relatively it’s easy to clean. Appointment of dead skin cells can be done by regularly scrubbing treatments 1-2 weeks once. But be careful, if not carefully cleaned and neglect, callused skin can turn into a loud and not very eye-catching.

  • Perform pedicure treatment at least once a month.
  • Apply cream or lotion that contains vitamins E, A and C each night.
  • Olive oil and baby oil can help the process of softening the skin, if we use every day.

  • Use footwear with you wherever you go.
  • Avoid using a thin cushion soles on shoes.
  • Do not forget to keep your weight remains the ideal, so that the foot unencumbered.
  • To be comfortable running away, add a wedge pad on shoes made of an elastic gel.

8 Dangers of Sleep Deprivation

Senin, 18 Oktober 2010

Stayed up late to watch the ball follow the development of world cup 2010 can deliver a variety of possible emergence of diseases. Many adverse effects are obtained because of lack of sleep. In addition to jobs and daily activities become stunted, lack of sleep can cause various diseases present in our bodies. These adverse effects can you experience if you sleep less than 7-9 hours per day, and if you do not sleep soundly

Desire fatty snack foods increased

Lack of sleep can eliminate the hormone that regulates appetite. As a result, the desire to eat fatty foods and high in carbohydrates will increase, thus causing you to want high calorie intake. If you sleep for 2 nights is not of very can trigger excessive hunger. This condition occurs because the hormone ghrelin stimulates appetite, and reduce the hormone leptin as an appetite suppressant.

Antibodies to be weak

Those who slept less than 7 hours per night could be 3 times more prone to feeling cold. Other studies have found, in men who sleep less will fail to maintain the body's immune response or immunity normally after receiving flu shot. Those who sleep less, antibodies that work after the vaccination only lasts a maximum of 10 days. These conditions are very dangerous. Improve quality of sleep, and then you will increase your immune.

Susceptible to diabetes

Sugar is the fuel every cell in your body. If the processing process can cause adverse effects disturbed. In a study by the University of Chicago, USA, which examined a number of people for 6 days, get this condition can develop resistance to insulin, a hormone that helps transport glucose from the bloodstream into the cells. This led to the improper sugar metabolism. The result can cause the onset of diabetes.

Stress increases

Studies by the University of Chicago also found that sleeping less than 7 hours could increase the production of cortisol or stress hormones. Even in the afternoon and at night can increase heart rate, blood pressure and blood glucose that can lead to hypertension, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Trigger anxiety

A sense of restless every night would continue to haunt those who have poor sleep quality. Body reaction could be decreased. More chronic again, feeling happy is not going over their lives that lack of sleep, because sleep and mood is governed by the same brain chemicals. This can increase the risk of developing depression, but probably only for those already susceptible to disease.

Looked older

Those that lack of sleep usually have pale skin and tired face. "Even worse, increased levels of cortisol can slow the production of collagen which triggered the wrinkles more quickly," said Jyotsna Sahni, MD, a sleep problem at Canyon Ranch, Tucson.

Various pains can arise

Not surprisingly, chronic pain such as back problems or arthritis can only occur when you perform activities of poor sleep. In a study from Johns Hopkins Behavioral Sleep Medicine Program, director Michael Smith, PhD, waking healthy young adults for 20 minutes every hour for 8 hours for 3 consecutive days. As a result, they have a lower pain tolerance, and easy to experience pain.

Higher cancer risk

Exercise helps prevent cancer, but too little shut eye can damage the protective effect. Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health studied nearly 6,000 women for about a decade and found that sports fans that slept 7 hours or less per night have a 50% greater chance of cancer than those who regularly do gymnastics and have a good sleep quality. This happens because of poor quality sleep can cause hormonal and metabolic disorders associated with cancer risk, and can 'delete' the benefits of exercise.

Did you know how to properly care for the baby?

Sabtu, 02 Oktober 2010