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Selasa, 25 Mei 2010


WHETHER 'Shopaholic' THAT?

These last few years, or a compulsive shopper Shopaholic has been a concern of women's magazines and television programs. They also have been a subject of conversation pop psychology. Although the mass media uses the term with a somewhat "haphazard", actually a Shopaholic often feel isolated, very scared, and losing self-control.

No doubt, we live in a society that is very "fond of shopping." We live, based on the wealth that we have and many of us live in the entanglement of debt. Many people, whatever their income, look at shopping as a hobby. They spent the weekend with shopping, spending money on items they do not have, and often regretted it later. Does this indicate that they are in trouble? Not necessarily.

A Shopaholic is spending out of control. They will continue spending despite the far deep in debt. They will be spending time emotionally depressed, and using shopping as a survival mechanism. They do not stop spending because they really find pleasure in shopping. They buy things because they feel they HAVE to. A Shopaholic is someone who is out of control.

YOU ARE ONE 'Shopaholic'?
Consider the following statements whose "True" or "False" on each.
  1. When I feel depressed, I usually spend.
  2. I spent a lot of money for stuff I do not have but I do not need.
  3. I feel crazy when I shop but after that I do not is too concerned about my purchases.
  4. I have a lot of clothes I never wear and a number of tools / equipment countless and I've never used it.
  5. I often feel reckless / crazy and out of control when I shop.
  6. I often lie to friends and family about the money I spent.
  7. I feel very confused and disturbed by what I do shopping habits
  8. After the shopping frenzy, lost my orientation and sometimes feel depressed.
  9. Although I feel very confused tertang my debts, I continued shopping.
  10. My shopping activities bnayak disebakan relationship issues with yourself or with others.

Did you answer "true" four times or more of the statements above? If so, it seems you have a serious problem with lust shopping.

If most of your answers to this quiz statement "True", you probably need more than just tips that are economical to control you’re spending. If you begin to disrupt the shopping pattern of your life, consider to visit a psychologist. He will help you to find out why your spending habits are very difficult to control. Shopaholic usually classified as "distortion of obsessive-compulsive disorder" that can be cured with the help of a psychologist. With patience, persistence and assistance from the professionals, a Shopaholic can return control of his life.

TIPS FOR SIMPLE not wasteful AND THERAPY FOR 'Shopaholic'

  1. Get used to not take credit cards, checkbook and an ATM card before you go shopping. Use cash.
  2. If you are interested in buying something, do not allow yourself to follow that urge. Make a "time limit" to think. If until a few days later you still want it, maybe now you can consider buying it.
  3. Make a budget on a piece of paper and do not buy anything outside the budget.
  4. Write each need to be purchased over the past two weeks it will make you know exactly where your money goes.

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